Investment Focus


Income Real Estate


• Focuses on stabilized cash flowing quality assets where stable income streams are both used to finance assets and to distribute annual dividends.
• Consists of long term (10 years) investment period delivering sustainable returns.
• Real estate segments: office, retail, healthcare.

Value Add

• Focuses on under-managed and under-funded assets, seeking to create value by buying properties at attractive valuations as well as through active asset management, lease up & adequate loan’s refinancing.
• Consists of mid term (5 to 10 years) investment period.
• Real estate segments: office, healthcare.

Redevelopment Real Estate

Build to suit

• Souces acquisition of prime sites obsolete asset at favorable price with aiming to reposition it at an higher market value.
• Structures ”build to suit” project and setting up adequate joint ventures with local partners when beneficial for the expected performance.
• Oversight of all phases of the redevelopment process from feasability, demand of permit, execution to closeout.
• Consists of short term (3years) investment period delivering capital gain.
• Real estate segments : Office,student accommodation, assisted living home, medical center, residential, logistic.